Finally - a day off

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Date: 26 October 2005 06:29:23


Another week seems to ahve flown by, less than 2 months now to Christmas.
Being HalfTerm Mrs Gnome is on holiday, we decided to make use of our Life Membership at an International Club we went to in our Teens/Early 20's. Was amazing how quicky some of teh dance steps came back, though I do think that YoungestGnome wished she was Salsa Dancing nextdoor!

I shattered any illusions of my maturity during our HomeGroups Church Cleaning Session. Why they had that illussion in the first place I fail to understand.
Pollishing the pews looked so, erm, dainty. Creative pollishing was called for, I duely sprayed the pew, sat on the duster and scooted up and down the pews. We could of course all save ourselves a job and ask the congregation to shuffle along the pews during sermons.

What fantastic weather yesterday, autumnal gusts of wind carrying handfulls of leaves way up over the roof, and then descending with unerring accuracy into my Coffee Mug.

Congratulate me, I made my very first sale on eBay yesterday, out of small acorns may grow the mighty oak. What to sell next? Someone did tell me it is wise to invest in an eBay Bible.

Things I must do today (my Day Off):
1 Make appointments at Drs for Flu Jab & Diabetes Clinic.
2 Post off eBay item
3 Buy a newspaper
4 Buy Advent Candles for church
5 Checkout eBay Bible
6 Laze around watching TV
7 Put out the Blue & Green Bins (The Black ones go out next week!)
8 Laundry
9 Read the Paper I bought at #3