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Date: 26 October 2005 22:51:29


I am absolutely shattered. What I didn't say this morning , I have been up since 4am as I couldn't sleep.
Mrs Gnome is coming back tonight, getting to the train station at 12:30, I am going to meet her on the pushbike. The last hour before I go is proving to be a real struggle.

Your quite right Smudgie, not everything from the list got done, but more than I hoped for.

I totally failed to make those Drs appointments, but I did post my first eBay item to be sold.
The paper was bought late on in the day, and I did manage to get the Advent Candles. I even took them off to church and dropped them off in the office and met our new book keeper.

Hmm, tried to find a copy of the Authentic eBay Bible - not instock anywhere, but ALL the shops said they had it on order. Sounds like a standard line they spin!

Not much chance to laze in front of the TV, though I did have it on in the background occasionally.
Glad I got the Blue Bins out earlier, they had both been emptied by 8.
3 Loads of laundry done, only two dried though.

And finally, I read the first half of the paper.

So, all in all - not too bad.