Greetings and salutations fellow human beings

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Date: 31 October 2005 13:51:01

Greetings and salutations fellow human beings, unless of course that is, if you are listening in some far off galaxy, or from another dimension.

As you can see, tiredness has been shaken off, I am looking forward to a few days off. Indeed I have booked a two day retreat. I have decided to catch the bus only so far, and then walk the last 5 or 6 miles. Most of this will be countryside by a river - and then cutting West along a ByRoad to the village.

I am looking forward to time to think, read, pray without intrusions from my mobile, email and other technology. (of course, I'll make an exception to keep in touch with MrsGnome!)

The weather of course, which till now has remained steadily summerish, has finnally broken - I may well get rather damp walking. Such is life!

Mrs Gnome had a great time up North visiting 2ndGnomelette at University who by now appears to be well settled in.

Right, I must think of moving on now, washing up calls - as do various other jobs. I will get back to blogging on my return.