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Date: 07 November 2005 00:16:47

Greetings and salutations

I asked people if they were going to church, what would the most probable reason be?
- My mother making me. Or some sort of special holiday, but that kind of ties in with the other reason.
- um... i dunno
- Wedding.
- I go there every week and my dad works there and I got a solo part there so I have to go to rehearsal early in the morning
- don't go to churh-if went would be funeral
- i dont really go to church
- I go to church occassionally
- I'm Christian, nuff said at that. I've only been to possibly one Baptism in my whole life besides my own. And I've only been to about 6 or 7 weddings. And I have not gone to a funeral in about 10 years.
- A wedding or a funeral. I've been to more funerals in my life though, so let's say wedding.
- wedding or funeral.

This is what people said to me when I asked them what they didn't look forward to about church...
- How about the whole thing. Eh, mainly just the creepy pedophile-like father.
- i don't go to church
- The droning sermons.
- Waking up at 5:00a.m.
- the sermons
- standing up and down, like every 3 seconds
- The preacher's sermon
- The Catholic way of doing things.
- I don't go to church. If I were to go, I wouldn't look forward to much.
- the uncomfortable seats, the endless homilies.

And what they looked forward to at church?
- The people there, since there tends to be some nice looking ones every once in a while.
- ...
- The excitement of someone getting married.
- Everything
- seeing friends and family
- the chip, haha
- The preacher's sermon
- The stories.
- I don't go to church, but maybe if I had friends there?
- hmm... music sounds good in churches and some churches look great :)

An interesting set of answers I thought.