Gospel, print & snooze...

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Date: 09 November 2005 14:08:48

I was thinking about yesterdays blog; about the Gospel of Christ. You know, it gets really complicated and many of us have huge difficulty telling others.
Why is it so complicated?
Why do we make it complicated?
In essence the Gospel is really simple,

God Creator
Adam's and our sin redeemed by Jesus' death.
As we forgive, God forgives our sins.
We are Created to worship God

So why do we make it complicated?
Why do we add to it and make it difficult?
I'll not attempt to sound wise by answering this, I think I would shoot myself in the foot.
Back to work tomorrow after 12 days off. Feeling quite rested, and pleased that I have got several jobs done in the house. Finally got the printer working again, must be some flaw in the software causing the printer to print blank pages. The only way to get this resolved is to re install the soft and hardware as a new machine. Time consuming - but at least it works.

I went along to Homegroup last night, we have a new member along, so we started with dinner and moved into worship. Quite pleased when I checked the clock to see we were keeping to schedule, but the hands mysteriously hopped on 45 minutes. My dear friends decided to let me sleep through the end of Bible Study and most of prayer time. Do I feel embarrassed that I slept, or pleased they were comfortable enough to let me sleep?