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Date: 27 November 2005 00:00:50

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I notice once again it has been some time since updating my Blog. I think I will not bother to apologise, but just come to terms with this being an ‘Occasional Blog'.
So welcome, to The Shifty Gnomes Occasional Blog.

My friends in Australia, who were suffering snow, are enjoying summer sunshine - I understand the Universities have already broken up for vacation. Meanwhile, the Northern Hemisphere heads into winter. We have seen this week snow that stranded motorists and even lengthened the week for some poor youngsters who found themselves imprisoned at school. But over in the East UK we may have had smatterings of the white stuff, nothing too drastic has yet fallen.

For myself I remember winters in the 60's where I enjoyed tobogganing, snowballs, creating the hugest snowman imaginable - and the snow, falling, lying, staying for quite a while. I don't remember quite back as far as the River Cam freezing and folk skating on it - though I have been skating on the vijver in Holland at new year. Well, Some would not call it skating, but I did manage to manoeuvre myself from here to there...

All in all, I am looking forward to the cold winter, but am also aware the danger and distress it will bring to some folk. Better stock up the pantry, keep an eye out for the neighbours - and of course have a snowball fight or two.

Thank you for the joys cold weather, snow and winter can bring. Help us to remember we live in communities, and to watch out for each other's needs.