Me and my big mouth,

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Date: 08 December 2005 03:19:25

Me and my big mouth,
I have dumped myself in it right and proper this time!

For some reason I spoke more eloquently (in my own minds eye) than usual - a year into our Mens Group I got fed up with nothing solid forming as to a direction. Nothing wrong with pints of beer and curries, but surely they should be as a back up/relxation from some sort of decent toil - without that they seem somewhat ...

Having formulated and voiced my thoughts, action is needed. Result is, I have promised God I will start some sort of regular late night ministry, startin' 10pm working my way through a rough area of our neighbourhood once a week. Wise, No. I will need someone to come join me. Plans? Other than backing each other up in prayer...

Thanks for the prayers guys, Mrs Gnome is much better :)
God Bless all my readers.
(ps, this is not on audio yet, I do not want to wake the house up at 4am by making sound recordings!)