Captions Please....

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Date: 23 February 2006 23:07:36

For over a quarter of century I ahve been on the Medical Research Council Panel, a fancy way of saying I am a guinea pig for various delightfull experiments dreamt up by accademics. I have held Huge Spiders whilst they measured stress levels, watch dots on puter screens, observed traumatic pictures, has speed responses tested - and so much more.

Nothing though will compare to this weeks visit. I was laid securely in a huge scanner for a VERY LONG TIME. I was allowed to wiggle two fingers in answer to a visual experiment I could see on an upsidedown computer behind my head through mirrors. Other than that I was STILL.

I think I may have accidently fallen asleep at one point or other - or maybe more than one point.

When I was finally released from this torturous machine (well it would have been comfortable, but I dn't think I have ever been still in my life before!) I was presented with this picture. I did ask them to email it to me - but never arrived :(

So that proves it folks, after nearly 5 decades it has been proved that I may indeed have a brain in there. Now, where do they hide the starter button.

Your captions please.