Spring has come

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Date: 28 March 2006 10:16:08

After forcasting the worst winter in many years, spring has come. I, in the flat lands of East Anglia, ams still awaiting the joys of making a snowman or throwing a snowball. Whilst the rest of teh country occassionally woke up to whiteouts, we had teh occassional flurry, but NOTHING settled, and normal service continued right through.

Indeed, on one or two days whilst villages in Wales were almost cut off, just 200 miles to teh East, I was hanging my laundry out to dry.

Spring in Cambridge certainly brings a lifting of spirits. Folk seem far more eager and able to get out and do things.

I am off to Spring Harvest in just a few days, preparing for another invasion of teh masses buying all teh latest John Edridge or Adrian Plass books. I ahve been several times as a guest, but having worked at Keswick last year, I think I will get far more from teh event as a worker tahn consumer.

Would you believe the MRC want to re scan my brain for another experiment!. I would have thought they would have been slightly cautious about time spent in the scanner, especcially as we at talking about an hour at a time. Still, I am merely the paid guinea pig, so what would I know! Still, I can say no!

Time to move on - God Bless, Dom