Thanks Ian & Karin

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Date: 24 May 2006 14:15:14

Reading my previous Blog reminds me how exhausted I was. I then went back for another dose of, slave labour very hard work, but also totally enjoyable.

Thanks to Both Ian and Karin who have been chasing around the WWW enquiring after me excistence & welfare. With the advent of improved health I find myself out in the 'Real World' for longer and longer periods each day. Take today for example.
First meeting a 10, I was volunteering for some work deep in a church basement, came out with the probability of a Driving around in the open air job!

Next, dodge the rain acting as postman for a friend.

Take a call about Leading a group meeting where I go along specifically as a HELPER, not a LEADER! (I must be mad, I said YES).

Arrive home just as my wife rings me to remind me I should have already arrived at another church for a funeral. Race out in smartish clothes as no time to iron, but ok as I robed up to sing in the choir.

Now I am grabbing time at the puter to check emails before I collapse for a snooze infront of the TV.

Add in the laundry which keeps getting rained on...

Hmm, I wounder what else today will bring!!!!