Where oh where did my drink go?

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Date: 26 May 2006 15:03:24

My 15 minute break more than welcome I placed the coffee mug on the table an sank into my the chair. I noticed with annoyance I had forgotten the water and milk in my mug and was faced with powder and a wee saccarin tablet.
- Moments like that are all too frequent nowadays.

Last night I went to see the local Performing Arts students in Bugsey, they were FANTASTIC, plenty of spludge gun yuck, well presented - but where were the cars? Bugsey can't be done without self propelled cars can it.

Good news came my way this morning, 1stOffspring who finnished has now finnished Uni called this morning announcing she has a job. :) Congratulations 1stOffspring.

TBreak done, back to work now.