RSS & Frozen Peas

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Date: 29 May 2006 19:50:03

Plans for a cycle ride this Bank Holiday were sadly rained off. I still turned out at the prearranged time complete in rain gear, I had missed the text message saying too wet.

Still, instead I was able to go out for lunch with MrsGnome which I thoroughly enjoyed, we have spent the afternoon relaxing at home. Seems very quiet here as both 1stG & 3rdG are out with their BoyFriends, 2ndG who popped home last week to help out on a school trip has returned to University for a month.

I have finally masterd Syndicating with the helpful installation of 'Feedreader 3.02'. Of course the first place I went to test this new found skill was the Wiblog's. I also have the BBC News, which will hopefully make me more aware of current events. I do tend to walk round with my eyes closed, and never listen to news on the radio!!!

I have been battling a horendous headache through the day - which has finally receeded. In front of me, a now soggy small bag of Frozen Peas.