When the Freezer's finnished PrayAsYouGo

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Date: 13 June 2006 22:37:07

I am sat here waiting for the Freezer to finnish defrosting. Has got to the stage when great chunks of ice break off clattering down to the bowl.

What a strange day.
- Rained, but still felt muggy.
- The price of my bust trip up Mill Road had gone DOWN by 30p
- The only hour that I was out during the day, was the time the postman called. (Means a trip to the sorting office tomorrow.)
- I was called in as reserve helper for Alpha. Somebody else arranged a replacement too, so we all fell over each others feet.
- Next door have doubled the number of growbags in their garden. They are linned up down the garden path with military precision. I think they are Tomato Farming, we will see.

New website to recommend - www.pray-as-you-go.org especially if you have an i-Pod or MP3 player you can utilise in prayer times.