Got to pack today

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Date: 16 June 2006 07:01:12

Volunteered to drive the minibus for a group from church. So I get to spend the w/e on a favourite beach in Norfolk. Might be great to sleep out under the stars, but we do have 2 caravans booked.

It was exactly one year ago this w/e that I drove madly around the UK on the 3 Peaks Challenge. The drive today should only take 90 minutes, unless we hit HEAVY traffic - in which case, just sit back, grit your teeth - and get the whole bus singing cheesy choruses.

Right, can't hang around passing pleasantries all day, gotta go shift some freezers in a van, do the laundry, drink endles cups of tea - and PANIC. Can't go away for the w/e without having a decent pre panic session.

God Bless my friends.

PS, OK, so I will take that laughter file down today. No - the edit feature ain't working - but I can always rename the file at source.
But BEWARE - maybe, just maybe it may pop up from time to time..... hehehehehehehehehe