Back at the PC

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Date: 19 June 2006 16:35:19

Pleased to see the Out & About feature is still working - I fell asleep after sending the last message, seemsthe group took lots of pictures before waking me up to drive them home.
We called in at Ely en route home, most took the opportunity to walk from the river to the Cathedral - which was still open at 6pm. So kind of them to stay open for the unknown guests.

Exceedingly tired today, still dragged my bones from their pit at 6:30 in order to return the minibus back to the hire company - an interesting drop off point - Tesco Carpark!

Karen, I am sorry you missed the laughter file - does this mean you missed all my audio blogging last year?
Tiffer, thanks for the tipoff, I will try the edit feature again.