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Date: 24 July 2006 06:09:10

I had the pleasure of being invited to the wedding blessing of a good friend of mine - hopefully they will both become good friends of mine now.
SA & SHWT were married 4th July in USA where the young lady had lived all her life. She has now been whisked accross the ocean to UK. We were able to join in hearing them make their vows as the USA proceedings had been videoed which becme an integral part of our gathering.
SA & SHWT, I wish you both Gods blessing and I look forward to see God working his ministry through you in years to come.

Wiblog International Secret Exchange 2006I'm playing WISE 2006!
I really must get my pressie sorted. So much to choose from on my shelves - but what can I bare to do without. I will whittle the choice down and get them in th epost by the end of this week.......