Posting from a CyberCafe - this is a GROUCHY BEAR WARNING

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Date: 29 July 2006 19:43:46

An interesting week.

My poor wife was rushed into hospital on Teusday, fortunately home again now. Most excrutiating pain now diagnosed as being Gall Stones. We are told there is a 2 year waiting list for opperating.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to count the number of raisins in a tub of Rum'n'Raisin Ice Cream. At the international bar where I was working someone had managed to unplug the freezer, rendering 12 cartons of IceCream absolutely useless. Thus, as I dispensed them down the sink - I had to remove the raisins.

Wednesday night was stormy, even a drop or two of rain - and we lost our Modem Connection. The Indian Call Center for NLT assure me my modem is broken and needs replacing. Seems though several other folk went off line at the same moment.
Is this an attempt to make customers upgrade to 4MGB, and thus line their pockets with a few more sheckles?

Cambridge folk Festival ahve leapt into action, with our windows having to stay open in this heat it means folk music pouring in 24/7 (well - ok, maybe they do stop at 2am!!!).

Time nearly u in the cyber cafe as I will only spend £1, so be for now folks, see you all when I get back online Wednesday.