On a more positive note...

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Date: 31 July 2006 14:54:19

Thanks to Karin & Tractor Girl for your comments and best wishes.
Mrs ShiftyGnome is feeling soooooo much better.
I am glad the Folk Festival was 'Cracking' this year Tractor Girl - Did you get caught at all in the rain pitching tents. Most of the rest of teh w/e was relatively good weatherwise.

This morning I drove halfway round the county moving fridges, collecting furniture, fixtures and fittings - and 2,000 TBags. Took a lot longer than usual, but well worth the extra time to escape the city limits and explore parts of this county I never knew excisted!!! Thank you to the you lady who provided liquid refreshment, and to lthe Landlady who patiently directed me round the village though I did not stop of for a drink.

What's the going rate for internet access in CyberCafes.
In a local village there was a sign advertising £6 and hour. On Saturday I paid £1 for 33 mins - and today just 200 yards down the road, £1 per hour. Still - will be happy when back online at home and able to surf again.
Hehe, kids are getting to bed earlier now though - no MSN @ 2am....

Folks, it is time for me to move on, I have just noticed toffee sauce on the ALT key - and I have had no food here. Oh YUCK.

God Bless