Fading Memory

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Date: 03 August 2006 08:25:01

Back from work already, infact I only got as far as the door.
Seems I have a day off today for working a Saturday halfway through last month!

I have been a bit behind - but I have finally got my WISE gift into the post. Appologies to my WISEee, it is deffinitely on its way.

Last night was PANCAKE night at International Outreach. Oh how yummy - and loads of washing up.
I was reminded of my previous multicoloured creations Green, Blue, Red, Yellow all by the magic of food colouring (that was the days before we even associated E Numbers with anything) and the pancake filled with smarties, mars bars and marathons (That's a Snicker Bar to you youngsters).
Totally sickly, but totally captured the imagination of my then Youth Groups...

What shall I do with my day - Mrs Gnome has immeadiately redirected my energy into helping resort her classroom for next year. I think as the heatwave has gone I may well take a longish stroll in the counntryside. Whose dog could I borrow?

Have a FANTASTIC day folks, God Bless...