An evening under thatch

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Date: 05 August 2006 08:40:19

A huge thankyou to my hosts, Tiff 'n Amy last night.
An excelent evening of company, chat and food - excitement of starting a new phase in God ministery.
I had the pleasure of being introduced to Bertha, who no doubt works hard preparing food for many visitors. The 'Washing Up" game was quite amusing - where Amy washed, I dried and passed the dishes to Tiff to put away. Instead he put some back among the dirty dishes - and so they went round and round.....

The bus through the village seems to only run three times a day, but in just the last 2 weeks a new service runs along the main road every 20 minutes less than a mile away. We couldn't locate the return bus stop last night, so drove down to the next one... the bus arrived bang on time, and arrived in Cambridge 5 minutes early.