Random Sunday

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Date: 03 September 2006 16:49:46

Those piccies certainly seem a while back - even though only last month.

Pretty soon folk will be going back to school or Uni, the nights will begin to draw in and the temperature begin to drop. I will be able to stop mowing the lawn for a while - and we will have to route out the brollies, waterproofs and wellies.

I can remember always being amazed, the summer hols having been scorching, waiting for the school bus and being able to see the steam blow from my mouth even on the first day back.

This w/e has been a whirlwind - I was working Saturday so my boss could go to a wedding. From there straight out to Free2LiveMinistries, I arrived exhausted thinking I'd rather be at home. But walking through the door was like taking on a new lease of energy. Lifting God up in worship. YEAH!

This mornings service was more like a seminar with songs and prayers.
Pizza for lunch, and now home to babysit the puter. (what do you mean, 'puters can cope with nobody at the keyboard!)

Not in best books of MrsGnome. I didn't think to hang the laundry on the line. She is suffering again atm, so I wish I had.