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Date: 27 July 2013 07:20:31

At this time of year families are packing all they need to survive away from home for a short period, catching trains or planes, taking their cars or getting out and about in some way or other so as to relax from the normal turns of life.
Relaxation comes in many different guises, some throw themselves into physically exhausting activity refreshing the mind, some lie on the beach relaxing the body. Each of us would want to relax and refresh in different ways.

As a teen I joined an interestingly mixed bunch of folk commonly desiring to talk about God with children and their families. One of the games we played later on in the mission was Spot The Team. We would disguise ourselves as best we could, wander the local area and wait to be 'spotted' by intrepid adventures searching for Team Members they had come to know.

One year I dressed as a Punk Rocker, maybe overdid it by dyeing my entire body blue too... Another time I donned a long haired wig, dressed in a skirt and wandered un-noticed till the game was over.

My final year though I dressed as a gnome, took my bamboo fishing rod and perched on top of a red postbox, my fishing line dangling down the nearest street drain.

I am rather pleased that the post box was not  designed thus...