It rain etch!

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Date: 25 July 2013 07:53:24

I titled this blog, It Raineth! Auto Correction changed this rather boring title appertaining to English Weather to "It rain etch!" and I wonder what I could possibly say to justify such a title.

One of my hobbies is to etch designs onto glass, I started with the humble jam jar being of disposable nature. I did try collecting them for a while, but as the wife points out, 20 plus jam jars just sitting there in the kitchen take up a lot of valuable space. So many artistic squiggles have been sent for re-cycling.

Next I moved onto glasses, tumblers - not specs. The other day whilst doing a deeper tidy than normal I came across some of my original glassware stashed away in boxes. Over the years I must have given away near to 100 glasses, and a few happy evenings with friends introducing them to such an art. With the whizzing whirly pointy thing though sounding suspiciously like a dentist drill, not much room for conversation - I wonder too if sound association had much to do with their lack of future interest?

So to wrap up this rather shaggy blog.
When inclement weather reigns, reaching for my tools, I say in that very basic and guteral language, "It rain, etch! "

Praise God for different gifts he gives to each one of us, I certainly thank God for mine.