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Date: 17 July 2013 03:20:19

[caption id="attachment_495" align="alignleft" width="300"]De-stressing life, under canvas. De-stressing life, under canvas.[/caption] I don't get to do camping so much nowadays, way back though I could easily spend 40 nights under canvas a year, or on the rare occassion of such weather as now, I would just lie down under the stars.
Camping is a welcome release from the complicatedness we have made current living, even more so if you leave behind the mobile phone, mini computer and other games, contacting, entertainment gadgetry. My favourite camping was always with the least kit, not even a watch - spending maybe a week roaming, cooking, swimming, sleeping, reading and praying well away from any organised campsite, maybe by a stream/river, near good climbing hills and with plenty of natural fuel around for a campfire.