Day After the day Before...

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Date: 05 January 2007 19:04:03

Thanks, Smudgie & Unordered - I managed to read your comments as I passed by the puter before work this morning on the way to work.

I think things are sorted, they said they hadn't even thought about what I said again, but I was not convinced. Anyway, I ended up working in the basement again, even enjoyed it...

Had a good day working hard, pretty shattered now - and already fallen asleep twice at the keyboard this evening.

My bike developed nasty creak on the way home, I will wait till daylight before I check it out. Hope it's not bust, I have a 10 mile ride tomorrow to get to Free2Live Ministries, and then 10 miles back again late at night.

Could some one let me know
- some people count the 12 Days of Christmas from Christmas Day, day 12 being the 5th Jan and the 6th the 12 days having finnished.
- others reckin 12 Days start Boxing Day 12th day being 6th Jan.
Which is right, or is it open to interpretation?
What importance does it have in the christian callender?

I will now go and listen to AfterGlow, night.