Check your answerphone

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Date: 08 January 2009 21:13:03

No, don't check your answerphone for new messages, I suggest you check instead your message to callers.

From the shop today I rang a publisher  "Thank for calling the offices of LoverlyBook Publications. Our offices are closed for the Christmas Holidays and we will re-open January 6th."

It being the 8th today I wondered if they were extending their vacation, or have just not switched back to the normal message.

I recently had a new phone, Samsung, great fun playing with various possibilities for ring tones. The phone also records voice messages, but you cannot set these recordings as ring tones. Got over this by using Sound Recorder on Vista (XP worked too) which defaults to WMA file, downloaded to the phone this can be used as a personalised ring tone - or annoying ring tone that says "Ring Ring, Answer the phone..." I must remember to switch back to something normal. Any of you recorded your own ringtones?

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