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Date: 20 March 2007 17:46:14

Where did February go?
I did not give it permission to pass by without a WIBLOG from me. But pass it did.

Well, Ian has stired me from slumber.
Day to day I feel so different, sometimes an appropriate greeting would be "Top of the Milk to ya!" as I bounce about off the walls feeling fantastic, others a rather more a drag as I have to fight to keep myself awake and interested in the world, and motivated & energised to Get up & Go.

Oh well, that's the way it goes.

In January & February each one of my kids added another year to their count, the youngest having finally reached 18.
Did we feel released as she leagally became an adult.
Nope, they are all still our kids, and we will always feel a huge parental responsibility to them. Long may that last.

This weekend I drove for an International Outreach Weekend Away at Ringsfield Hall, the food was expertly cooked by a wonderfull Japanese lady. The house was great, the grounds fantastic, the company stimulating, the 'day out' a bit of a drag as I spent much of it in TRAFFIC. My passengers decided to make the best of it, got out and walked. By the time I eventually parked, they were almost ready for the off... But this soon became an insignificant memory as we went visiting someones Aunt and wre supplied with huge amounts of cake and everlasting cups of tea/coffee. Had it been summer, and we had had GingerBeer, there would have been a deffinite Famous Five feeling to it!

Have you ever played Shirades or Chines Whispers?
Well, we played a wonderfull game that drew from both.
A team of 4 were sent out.
1st player was called in and given an action to perform.
1st player performed to 2nd (no speaking), 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th.
4th had to act out what they saw, and then say what they thought they were performing.
How they ever guessed 'Calving a Cow' I have no idea!!!

Ah well, I am off to curl up somewhere - and await the return of reality and sanity.
God Bless