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Date: 24 June 2007 11:10:42

All that sunshine - and now rain. We have a tent to get dry, but it is too large to pitch indoors. The tent, comfortably sleeps about 8, but has slept 13 - reminds me of the Blokes Dorm when I was on the Cromer/Overstrand Beach Mission Team. Sleeping about 20, was endearingly called "TheSwamp".

I should really be planning this afternoons devotion, but have been updating my webspace instead, checking all the links are still live - and overwriting the css file with rubbish! One of the links lead here, which of course prompted me to write this entry.

Friday (day off) I looked on the puter to check out which towns might be interesting to visit, Wymondham won. Packed a few essentials, made up the coffee flask which I left behind (!), grabbed my bike and headed off on the train. They have bike racks on trains now - how cool is that.

Wymondham, the penultimate stop on the Nowrwich line from Cambridge is an exceedingly pretty station - and just two minutes cycle ride from the town center. I had lunch at The Green Dragon drinking a 4.5% Pint celebrating the 900th aniversarry of the Abbey.

I wandered around the town, was market day - always fascinating walking round the stalls, then took a walk by the stream. Returning in time for Tea I read a book awhile and then headed off to the Abbey.
I thought the Abbey would be in ruins, but in fact it is still in use as the local parish church. They advertised a daily evening service at 5:30 which I thought would finnish my visist quite nicely, but the vicar was nowhere to be seen, instead I sat awhile in the church yard before heading off towords the railway satation and home.