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Date: 16 June 2003 10:29:30


- thanks, I slept like a log.


- no piccie, just a 'Dramatic Pause'

- Widegames are games played more usually in Scouting and Guiding, but spreading to other 'Youth' events too. They are played over a 'wide' area. Can be as simple as 'Tig' through to complicated team games involving capturing opossing teams HQ's. More often than not 'Lives' can be captured with the 'Dead' players returning to base for a new life, ie armband, dried pea etc.

We used to play a wide game called Gods Smuggler, Team A smuggling bibles accross the border from their own base to their receiver base. Team B, the border Gaurds would intercept and remove the bibles from Team A, taking their captured bibles back to the GaurdRoom. The leaders would then even the game up being a law unto themselves and stealing bibles from anyone, the Leaders were KGB agents!