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Date: 28 June 2007 21:53:17

Way back I volunteered for a project, time moved on and gradually pieces fell into place, I enjoyed building the information into somthing bigger - but suddenly my part of the project just seemed terrifying - and I could not see deadlines being met.
Option 1 was to plough on regardless, stew well in my own juice with the probability of nothing coming together.. - and causing a disasterous project
Option 2, to admit defeat and hand the project back.

1 was tempting, because who like so admit defeat, we have too much pride.
2 was frightening, admitting stress levels and inability to cope, risking annoyance, rejection etc.

The 2nd option proved to hold non of the percieved Ogars, I received nothing but love and care - handing on has proved to be a postive action.
When will I learn, there are not always mean beasties waiting to pounce from every tree and bush?

For that, PRAISE GOD!