English Weather et all.

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Date: 02 July 2007 22:18:35

Flaming July has arrived amidst torrential downpours, just enought to put out the cigarettes of anyone seeking a fag whilst in public places.
With forecasts for the worst weather I headed up north to collect my daughter from Uni. Whilst I booked and paid for a small van, I ended up with a long wheel base Transit, probaly 5 times the size of my requested transport. They said at no extra cost seing as the small vans had been recalled. The fuel costs however rocketed through the roof - I will be writing to 1car1 to try and claim some of that back.

However, good to have said daughter home again, when I arrived home tonight from work, two daughters sat on the settee tapping away on laptops, and MrsGnome at the PC. Maybe they were all on MSN to each other!

Surreal phone call of the day:-
Matt: Can I swap days with you, you work tomorrow and I work Wednesday.
Dom: (Looks at Diary)I'm already working tomorrow, and you are already working Wednesday!
It is wonderfull to know someone else can be as confused as me.

I have lent my camera to my boss, wonder if it will come back with interesting photos on it.