Summer Nights

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Date: 08 May 2008 12:06:46

What an amazing transformation the british weather makes.
Neighbours not seen from one month to the next in hybernation, resurfacing and busying themselves round about. Mind you, I as usual have enjoyed the cooler season, thoroughly enjoying the current temperature - but knowing that as time goes on sweltering heights will be reached.

I had a HUGE tidy up at home last week, parts of my book collection from the 70's and 80's resurfacing. Was amazing how many titles still remain in the BestSeller list - one even having the same cover. Unfortuately the cove price has gone up from 85p £7:99, just under 1000% increase in value. Of course, not at all, as the measuring stick has lost value over time too.

Online Church is moving on in leaps and bounds, I attended the service last night sitting in the back garden. It went from daylight to an inky black night during the service, eventually after 10 minutes banter in the Sanctuary and the Bar after the service, I was foreced to retreat indoors.