Clickerty Clack

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Date: 20 November 2003 18:22:05

We took the Cub Scouts by train to go bowling.

20 Uniformed lads could be quite a handful, but with the threat of not playing the outward journey was uneventful, other than the young ticket collecter who showed the Cubs his HiTech Ticket machine. "No James, it doesn't play games!" (Name changed for legal reasons)

Bowling was a GREAT SUCCESS, it was a good thing they were able to have the gaurd rails in place.

But the real hightlight was the trip back. We waited 15 minutes on the platform occassionally stopping suicide Cubs from leaping on the track. We filled the back compartment of the train, and along came the ticket collector. Instead of collecting tickets, he invited all the Cubs two at a time to go into the drivers cabin (The one not in use at the back of the train) and even allowed a few blasts of teh old whistle. That'll be a night to remember.