Suicidal Amaryllis

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Date: 20 January 2004 06:22:26

Just before Christmas I was given a Ready to Grow Amaryllis. Unusually for me I have been treated to the most beautiful flowering, and I moved the Amaryllis from the kitchen window ledge to the dining room table, wher it could be admired by all.

And indeed they did!

Alas, on returning to the house the other day the plant lay flat, compost scattered accross the table. The poor plant must have tryed leaning towards the window, and become too top heavy. (sniff)

Back to the kitchen Amaryllis went to lean against the window - but whilst I was washing the dishes the plant leapt from the ledge into the foamy steaming depths.

So please pause with me for a moment at noon today, to remember all those potted house plants given their lives in service to our humble abodes.