Bye Bye PC.....

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Date: 13 August 2007 22:25:06

I snuck out and bought a LapTop today. Even though I knew what I had gone for I still circled the store several times, and then went and ate breakfast, before I finally took the plunge parting with my money.
The packaging did not say WIFI, but Wireless LAN. I did check with the bod in store, but did not quite believe his affirmative answer till the lap top automatically sought out my connection and I was online.

So the next decision is, do I take FIVEBAR with me on holiday - or is the holiday somewhere for me to get away from keyboards of all descriptions? suppose I will not know the answer to that one till I actually have left. Oh dear, seems FIVEBAR has already become a family member.

I spoke to my parents today on the phone, seemed very strange as they are currently in mobile blackspot. Seems amazing what one can do with a reciver and simcard buried on a mountain top connected to a phone in the valley!

Enough - past my bed time.