Escape from the city.

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Date: 23 April 2004 19:16:50

Sitting on top of the only hill south of our city, legend has it formed by two dead giants, Gog & Magog! Sun sinking, most cars are leaving the carpark filled with dogs and children, just one or two fight against the tide as late arrivals.
Of the few people left on the slope sadly there are 4 imposing their repetetive, beating and boring music. Maybe a passing dog will accidently pee on the offending radio.
In the distance - traffic, closer - children laughing and bird song.
The city, flat below, chimney stack belching, church steeples, cars crawling back and forth.
Pesky flys, wish the wind would get up - and the electronic volume has just been boosted.
Time to wend my way back dow, concrete jungle, fences, walls & TV.