For once it wasn't me!

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Date: 30 April 2004 17:39:34

As I am busy (well, that's what I call it!) at the computer someone else volunteered to cook my dinner.
The timer went off, and upon investigation nothing had cooked. Having set the timer, the hold button was pressed. So the Microwave did no microwaving, but just acted as a timer!!!

The TV volume has been turned down, and we are listening to excerts from A Bucket of Surprises. As I wasn't listening youngest daughter has now positioned herself 6" from my right ear.

I was asked to go into church today to help collate 400 'Financial Giving' booklets. Instead of total boredom, was great fun as we held races to see if I could staple as fast as the collators. So much laughter emmitted from our table that office staff came to investigate.

Not sure of plans for the w/e yet, so I may have to try my first PhoneLog. Note to self, load WibLog number onto mobile.

Right, where's my dinner, I suppose I will have to go and investigate, seeing as the rest of the family are in front of the TV, which means no one is in the kitchen.

Have a good BankHoliday weekend fellow WibLoggers, wave if you see my car hurtling past.