A wetter day

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Date: 24 August 2007 10:15:54

To dreary to cycle far today - I think maybe a bus ticket may be in order.

Was nattering to IanB about Bury St Edmunds yesterday, so may head out there. The Cathedral is always worth a visit, and the grounds. And then they also have a great christian bookshop to visit, set out in a oldy woldy cottage type building on many different levels and passages.

Looking forward next month to Brother Andrew's new book, Secret Believers. about the spiritual battle faced daily by Christian converts in Muslim countries. He has written it like a novel (like God's Smuggler), but it's about real life situations.

MrsGnome has gone off to visit eldest Gnomlette, who has set up home 20 miles north of us. Wonder if she will come back via Ely and visit the Cathedral for Evensong.

Cheeriho for now.