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Date: 06 May 2004 23:36:28

Rhys, you have suceeded in totally confusing me. As suggested I looked at your RSS link - and came away very confused. Saying that, for others who understand such things, well worth a look at here

Today has been exhausting, and I must admit I was quite happy when meeting up with a friend tonight was cancelled. Instead I pottered around, changed the worn out pull switch in the bathroom which has been playing up for at least 6 months, drank endless cups of tea, and drove the wife to the shop which is really only just round the corner. Honestly - neither of us could face walking that far! The rest of the time has been spent watching TV, sitting at the puter, and snoozing.

My prescription arrived today - and I wasn't expecting it till later. Having only put 2nd class stamps on the envelopes both to and from the Doctors, it would seem it was delivered both ways the day after posting. Maybe I could try claiming back all the postage I have paid over and above the odds for 1st class over the last 2 years.

Overheard comment on my bus today - 83 yr old lady to 86 yr old man:
"I dreamt about you last night - it was a loverly dream..."