mileage... more weddings... inkjet slumber...

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Date: 09 May 2004 21:24:13

Has been a long day. I travelled just over 30 miles to the BBQ, but that was completely shaddowed by friends N&D who travelled about 300 miles.

Was good to catch up with N&D who are getting married in 6WEEKS TIME themselves.
COOL, a great day to look forward to. Take care both of you, look after yourselves, looking forward to seeing you again.

Right back to deep slumber this morning, I was awakened with a request to inject more ink into the laserjet cartridge to print off my wifes sermon. Turned out inspiration had finally struck at 4:30am
Went to the wifes church (Yes - for those of you who don't know, we worship seperately). The drama, prayers, reading all executed brilliantly by the TREBLES - and I did not fall asleep whilst the wife preacheth.