Nuttier than...

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Date: 12 May 2004 20:24:38

... me? - My friend drove 10 miles out of her way on a very busy schedule. No time to knock, just rushed into the house, through the livingroom shouting hello to my wife, gave me a big hug in the kitchen, wished me a Happy Birthday - and without another word rushed off again about her business!

I felt really special.

Most of today was spent in A&E where my daughter's concussion was being reassessed. The pain has not eased at all, and Dr suspected a fractured skull. Many Xrays and a CT Scan later a very soar head has been diagnosed. - No fractures, and no brain damage. That was worthy of a birthday present in itself.

This evening I have constructed my new Swivel Chair for sitting at the puter with. Methinks I need to adjust the backrest - later I have a draught of Abbot Ale to crack open.