Now we are Five

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Date: 16 May 2004 18:25:53

- again.
Today was a 350 mile round trip to collect eldest daughter from University.
I took the chance to pop into
- Lincoln Cathedral for 8am Communion - approx 30, good sermon finnishing with - Look to how you live out your Christian life, lest you put other people off serving your God.
- Beverley Minster at 10:30 - The days theme was 'Giving' with a sermon to support. Coffee afterwards was a bit like playing Sardines, made people rub shoulders and say hello. That's good, isn't it?

Arriving at Uni Residences I spied a gap in the fence - and thus drove my car right up to the bushes below her window. Using a rope we lowered most of her luggage over the balcony thus saving many tiresome journeys up and down two flights of stairs.

Most impressed, the car was unpacked within minutes of arriving home, now there is a mountain in our living room, through which has been dug a channel so the TV can be seen.

And so the summer mahem starts.

[edit] 11:05 pm - The mountain is almost gone! I think I must have brought back the wrong youngster from Uni - or maybe, just maybe she is learnt to keep stuff tidy! Cool![/edit]