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Date: 23 May 2004 13:37:23

Started in a rush - we ALL slept in. I was woken as my wife crawled over me to get sight of the clock.
Mayhem followed, and when eventually setting off for church, I drove THE WRONG WAY!

Lunch at The Hungry Horse where they do a very nice entertainment pack for kiddies - so of course our 15 year old HAD to have one. So we played Snakes and Ladders whilst waiting.

Home for a wee rest - and no doubt in a few minutes I will change the washing on the line. Then back to church for NewComers Tea. I am supposedly able to chat all about life at StB's having been there for only 18 months. Ah well, I do love nattering, so shouldn't be too hard.

2nd daughter has headed off to London today to see The Lion King at the theatre with the rest of the Gang Show cast. No doubt their part of the audiance will be easily identifyable.