I leapt of my bike,

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Date: 06 June 2004 16:58:24

and the taxi driver told me, I nearly **** myself.
The reason, turning out of the hospital, we were surprised by an ambulance setting it's siren off just feet behind us.

I was at the hospital to visit a friend, who was discharged yesterday. So instead I went onto the Free Internet computer they have in the foyer. WibLog was deemed an OK site, but Ship Of Fools discussion board has been barred. Must be the occassional outburst in Hell, and TNT.

A hilarious family lunch today, one of the few times we have managed to get all 5 together recently. Don't let your kids grow up, they want to go off and do their own thing. The laughter lasted all the way to MacDonalds, where we decided to retire for ice cream.

A big thankyou to my friend who has made three visits to our house performing open heart surgery on the puter, I can see pictures and everything opens up so much more swiftly. I can even get into CoF.