Half term over

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Date: 07 June 2004 11:00:42

So I almost have the house to myself. I say almost, because, not quite.
Offspring.1 is back from Uni - When I mentioned th ewashing up she magically dissappeared either out jobhunting - or seeing the boyfriend.
Offspring.2 is on AS Study Leave. She is trying desperately not to be distracted by her Harry Potter book. I am supplying gallons of Tea.

The grass looks like maybe I should trim it, being the hottest day so far this year this is being put on hold. I resorted to the washing up in the end.

Arrived home from Church last night 11:10pm. Replying to the raised eyebrows - "my car was blocked in by someone from church who went to the pub afterwards- so of course I had to go and find join them." In fact, 23 of us retired to the hostelry for post service drinks. Finnished just in time to get to the CoF late night service.