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Date: 10 June 2004 11:56:29

Polling Day - and there is a station at the church where I work. Every time I arrived with a busload of old folk they were mistakenly identified as eager voters and accosted for the 'Number'. Eventually managed to get them, their frames, wheelchairs, sticks and baggage past the political staisticians and down into armchair city from whence they do their days activities. - And in 3 hours, they all go back again.

Living on a Council Estate the Council are working toward bringing the housing stock up to standard to reach European Rules. This has included loft insulation over 4 foot thick, excelent double glazed doors and windows and cavity wall insulation. All vey nice, but now all you need to do is light a candle in the middle of deepest darkest winter and we overheat. We must however, go one step further. Rip out the Gas Boiler, storage tank and Radiators (which all work perfectly well) and have new radiators throughout and 'Instant Water Heating' system - so no storage tank.
At the introductorry meeting we were told through the summer elderly and ill folk to be done, then about December they would reach us. This meant through the Summer Hols (my wife is a teacher) we could concentrate on ditching all that aincient rubbish built up over 18½ years. Today I receive a letter saying work starts Monday week!

Weather still good, third load of laundry in the wash ready for the line soon.