Fallen in love with Dartmoor

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Date: 22 June 2004 14:00:30

Leaving the car, I climbed the steep forrest path to Steps Bridge Youth Hostel, a Swiss Challet built in 1935 high up the Teign Valley. A mecca for John O'Groats to Lands End walkers & cyclists - but not the best stopping over point for hardened High Street Shoppers. A wonderfull place to escape todays busy world, no network for Mobiles and no TV in the lounge. Just a log fire and interesting people to share the evening with.

Up early to study maps, Church with friends, quick picnic with other friends - and then whizzed away for a 3 hour tramp on Dartmoor. As far as I could see, moorland, sheep and I even got to see moorland ponies! - though not close up. All too quickly I am home again, and deffinitely planning my next trip out on the moors.