Where I work...

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Date: 25 June 2004 11:53:30

Arrived at work today - there were men EVERYWHERE. Vaugley remembered the Mens Group are off for a w/e walking in the Lake District. They eventually hauled out before I had to move my bus off the forecourt. Hope the weather holds for them.
The electricians seem to have taken over too, wires hanging everywhere - I suspect when I am not looking they swing around like apes from beam to beam above the pews.

Still, most of the time I spend at work is away from the office bus driving. Always good fun, except when I realize the needle has been on empty for 24 hours. Wonderful things credit cards, now all I have to remember is to bank the fuel money I claimed back and put it on my card. I HATE financial transactions.

Welcome to my WibLog reader from South Korea.