Lost, Somewhere in Hyperspace

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Date: 28 July 2004 22:14:08

So how long does an email take to get to you?

On Sat 21st Feb our very own Dave was Wibbling away at Wibble Office, when he decided to send an email to all WibLog Owners.

Rec'd in my inbox today 5 months and a week later,

Two points of interest and/or information:

National Doodle Day
We'd like to encourage as many Wibloggers as possible to
participate in National Doodle Day, 27th February 2004. The basic idea is
that you draw a doodle and raise money for two charities,
Epilepsy Action and The Neurofibromatosis Association. Details of how to
get involved are here:

The National Doodle Day site itself is:

We'd like to post as many of your doodles on the site as possible
- details are on the above page
(http://www.wibsite.com/features/doodleday/), but if you'd like to
send them by post the address that doesn't appear on the web page

Dave BlaBla
BlaBla BlaBla Parish Office
Bla Bla
BL [Details Edited to conserve anonanimity]

Wiblog Statistics
Both long and short term statistics for your Wiblog are now
available, enabling you to see how your readers found you, what Google
terms people used and that sort of thing.

So where has that email been? Sightings please.