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Date: 04 August 2004 16:51:49

You would imagine hearing a gunshot like bang would have wakened me from slumber at midnight. It didn't. At that time I was just putting the finnishing touches to my daughters Puncture Repair, I must have pumped up the tyre too much. Three things I noticed, a 6" slit in the inner-tube, daughter in shock and neighbours twitching curtains. Hastily deposited bike in garage and retreated indoors for a Cup of Tea.

Woke early this morning, dug around in the garage, pleased to find the bike I had not taken to local recycling center (unitended pun) had the same size wheel. Swapped inner tube over, and hey presto, daughter was not late for work after all. She is speaking to me tonight.

Garage called me 9:30am to advise car repaired - ahead of advised schedule and only ₤10 above quote. Car is now MOT'd ahead of schedule.

How on earth did a Yahoo Search "Dutch Stamps" lead someone to MY WibLog?